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Wood-Joy in Carmel

Teak Furniture Assembly Tips

13th May 2020

Important tips when assembling teak furniture.Good news. Most of WOOD-JOY furniture is pre-assembled. You will usually only need to perform the final assembly of the larger sections. Stacking chairs a … read more
Wood-Joy Teak Furniture Debuts  At New Tiny Home Development

Wood-Joy Teak Furniture Debuts At New Tiny Home Development

15th Apr 2017

Wood-Joy has been tapped to furnish a new Tiny Homes development recently in the Palm Springs region of California. Teak outdoor furniture is by far the most popular choice by set directors when … read more

How to Choose a New Teak Bench. Things to Consider.

4th Jan 2015

Create that perfect garden look with a classic garden teak bench or choose a more modern teak bench look. Many of our teak benches come in a variety of sizes to suit any setting you may wan … read more

Wood-Joy Teak at Carmel Valley Ranch

18th Dec 2014

WOOD-JOY Teak Outdoor Furniture as seen at the internationally known Carmel Valley Ranch, California. This image is an outdoor dining arrangement for 40 seats. WOOD-JOY is a continuing supplier to t … read more