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Teak Furniture Assembly Tips

13th May 2020

Important tips when assembling teak furniture.

Good news. Most of WOOD-JOY furniture is pre-assembled. You will usually only need to perform the final assembly of the larger sections. Stacking chairs are all completely pre-assembled. OK, here are the tips. Let’s begin with a typical chair for example.

Tools, etc. needed.

Scissors and box cutter to remove packaging. Be careful not to cut too deeply into boxes.

Rubber mallet to tap large sections together.

Smooth faced hammer to tap in wood dowels.

Small drill & bit may be needed to clean out dowel holes. After tapping all the sections together, we advise cleaning out all the holes with a screw driver or re-drilling all the dowel holes in order to remove wood debris and for ease of inserting wood dowels. Make sure your drill bit is correctly sized for the dowels by drilling a test hole on an old wood scrap.

GORILLA GLUE (original). Usually one small bottle is enough for 8 chairs and 1 table.

Cheap artist paint brushes to apply glue.

Old cloth rags to clean off glue and for final wipe down of all wood surfaces prior to use.

Paint thinner or mineral spirits to clean off excessive glue. 1 QT

Dish soap and wet cloth to wipe off teak dust from all wood surfaces after assembly to prevent staining your cushions and pavement below the furniture.

Let's Get Started.

1. Find a flat area for assembly and preferably comfortable as to shade or sun. Layout cardboard or old cloth to work on. The best scenario would be to do the assembly on an outdoor table so the work can be done without bending over too long. A little background music and some cold drinks can also be nice. Estimated time to assemble most products averages about 30 minutes or so.

2. Assemble (tap) all of the wood sections together. Do not install the wooden dowels immediately. Do not apply glue immediately.

3. There are usually small decals that either have numerals, letters or colors that need to match up. This way all parts will fit properly. Example: F3 must mate with F3. Or B2 must mate with B2. Or green must mate with green, and so on. Never mix parts from one box with a separate box. Parts are not interchangeable.

4. Now the chair is mostly all assembled. Take a close look at the chair to make sure all looks good to you. If so, insert a round steel shaft (screwdriver) into each dowel hole, or preferably re-drill the dowel holes to be sure the dowels will tap in easily. Then tap the sections apart slightly enough to apply a little glue to the mortice and tennon connections. If using GORILLA GLUE (original) you will need to dampen the wood first, and then apply the glue. ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT OF GLUE IS NEEDED. DO NOT OVER GLUE.

We recommend applying Gorilla Glue (original) at all the joints and dowels where the wood meets wood. Just a little smear is all that’s needed. This is optional, but this assures long term sturdiness. If too much glue is applied you will notice some frothing. No problem. Just wipe or scrape away with paint thinner or mineral spirits. Or once dried, just scrape away froth with putty knife and finally sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

Note: Before applying any glue you must moisten all joints with water/moisture. It is the moisture that causes a chemical reaction to the Gorilla Glue.


                                          TROUBLE SHOOTING



Place a thin washer when cutting off excess dowel length.

We recommend that you purchase Gorilla Glue (original) formula for all assembly.

Most all hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes have this stocked. gorilla-glue.png

Applying teak sealers or teak oil? If so, we recommend letting the furniture acclimate to the weather for approximately 3 weeks. The sun will reduce the mill glaze (smoothness) and allow better adhesion of your new teak sealer product(s). We recommend SEMCO Sealer, either Clearcote or Honeytone (golden color). This can be purchased at Amazon. One gallon is the best deal in the long run. It has a fairly long shelf life for recuring seasonal use.

Storage of Cushions. While rain water does not damage our cushions, we advise that you store them during inclement weather. This will prevent water saturation in the internal foam and will keep them looking great for many years. Wipe off teak dust from all wood surfaces after assembly to prevent staining your cushions.