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Thoughtful Words From Our Very Special Oklahoma Customers.

Thoughtful Words From Our Very Special Oklahoma Customers.

18th Mar 2021

Thoughtful words from our very special Oklahoma customers.

Bob, our customer said he was to aged to consider FB using yelp, etc., so he sent us a testimonial letter the old fashioned way. Also, Bob will be happy and has ample time to take calls from those seeking references of Wood-Joy. Just call us for his phone number.

Bob wrote ..............

We recently decided to purchase an outdoor dining table and chair set for use on our screened in back porch. Initially we considered a number of products including those made of cast aluminum, various wood types as well as those made with man-made wicker over a metal framework. We looked at literally dozens of outdoor dining options at local Home Depot and Lowes stores and other businesses that specialized exclusively in outdoor furniture.

All of the options we looked at were practical and would provide the functionality that we needed .... a table with seating. We do not consider ourselves 'impulse buyers' especially if we are looking to purchase an item that we look to enjoy and use for many years. Comparing different products made it easy for us to narrow the search to outdoor furniture made with teak. We considered several brands of teak furniture offered at different businesses but decided to check on line for other sources for outdoor teak furniture. A simple Google search led me to Wood-Joy and its wide selection and reasonable pricing for Grade A teak furniture.

After viewing the Wood-Joy dining set options on their website, I decided to call and learn more about their line of products. I spoke with Wood-Joy's representative, Mark Fox, who was knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. He not only provided the answers to my questions regarding specific table and chair lines but made it a extremely positive buying experience from start to finish. Unlike the other options we had been considering...we had no way of physically looking at or sitting at the teak furniture offered at Wood-Joy......considering we are well over 1,300 miles from their California location. The on line pictures and descriptions of each piece along with Mr. Fox's genuine and thorough approach to help us find the perfect pieces for our home was all that we needed.

Our decision to purchase the 47" round teak dining table and four Avalon side chairs from Wood-Joy was the best decision we could have ever made. The products were well packaged and protected for the long shipment to our home. The table and chair assembly processes were simple with the easy-to-follow instructions included with each item.

We looked and considered purchasing other outdoor teak furniture lines like Kingsley-Bate, Jensen Leisure and Three Birds but after receiving the Wood-Joy Warner-Levitzson teak furniture, its quality and workmanship, in my opinion, is second to none. The teak wood used is definitely Grade A and each piece is well made, hand-finished, sturdy and looks great on our porch. We've only had the set for a few weeks....we enjoy using it virtually every day and will surely enjoy using it for years to come. We are very happy with our decision to choose Wood-Joy and look forward to adding other pieces for our porch areas. We highly recommend Wood-Joy and their product line when considering quality outdoor teak furniture.

Thanks Wood-Joy!

Bob and June Dunlap Tulsa, Oklahoma